How Text Can Save/Destroy Your Relationships: Part 1

Many of us have found ourselves in the middle of a text message argument with someone that we are dating. When meant to say one thing it was taken a completely different way causing a 30 minute back and forth that at some point escalates to a phone call that one or the other parties hangs up on too soon resulting in the angry call back with the question "Why did you hang up on me???"

The written word is a powerful medium in the world of interpersonal communications. Often we forget that what we say in person is not necessarily what it appears we are saying in written word. From text messaging to Facebook status updates to Email all the way to notes we leave for each other, written communications are a very unique creature.
Here are some things to consider when communicating via text messaging that could save you the angry phone call that we talked about above.

1.) Why are you sending the text?
-----If you are simply texting because it is convenient for you and you don't feel like actually talking to the other person, you need to be on your toes; likely they are aware this is the case and are going to be specifically sensitive to what you say and subtle things like extra capital letters or too many periods....
2.) Is the text series you are sending back and forth something you would like other people to see?
-----Don't be fooled into thinking that the lady or fella you are texting is keeping their texts to themselves. I can promise you the minute you send something a lady finds questionable she is going to search out any and everybody she can find to see if they take the message as being as fucked up as they did.
3.) Are you using your text for good or evil?
-----This one sounds a little silly but it actually is quite simple. You know when you are irritated about something, and when you are using text messaging while angry, you are using for evil. When you are using text messaging to flirt or compliment, you are using it for good.
4.) Are you intentionally not responding to a text message?
-----We all have done this one, the last message they sent has you pissed, OR the last text message you sent made her respond with something that you don't feel like addressing. Not communicating with someone in a situation where they feel hurt by something you have texted is worse then responding with something hateful. And believe me, the lies about your 'phone going dead' are not believable to anyone. On the other hand, you can send a quick unexpected text that tells the person you really enjoyed being with them or that you hope their day is going well and it can go a long way.

Remember the golden rule: call early, call often. Texting is a great tool for dating, but sometimes when an misunderstanding is about to go down, you can quickly clear it up with a phone call whereas a twenty minute text bitch session will just make it way worse.

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